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Frequently Asked Questions 

I am a prospective home buyer. How can I buy a concrete home?

We will be offering some of our model homes for sale. Or, if you already own a lot, we can partner with your general contractor to build the concrete shell for your new home. Your general contractor can then manage the installation of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and exterior/interior finishes.

I am a general contractor. How can I build homes with your concrete panels?

We would be eager to talk to you about how you can use our module and panel home designs, or how we can adapt your designs to use our modules and/or concrete panels. Just contact us to explore the possibilities.

I am a developer and want to know more about building a community of concrete homes.

Our precast system is ideal for rapid construction of safer, quieter, lower maintenance, and energy-efficient homes. Let's arrange a meeting to discuss how we can save you time and increase your profits by building concrete homes instead of traditional wood-frame homes.

Where can I see a model of your concrete homes?

Our Starr Model is available for viewing at our plant location in Humble, Texas.


Please click on the below link to view our Starr Model (836 sq.ft.)



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