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The Liberty I

Model Liberty I_2019.04.29_Rev.2-Web Pag

3 bedroom/2 bath

                   1335 sf
contemporary or traditional roof
       2 car garage or carport

Choice of Roof Styles: 


- Traditional Style: A hip roof is constructed with a wood or metal rafter frame

- Contemporary Style: A slightly sloped flat roof is constructed with concrete

- Difference: A hip roof is less expensive to build. A concrete roof resists fire, storms, winds, and infestations.

Example :
traditional style roof
12-13-2017 Liberty Flex with hipped roof
contemporary style roof 
12-13-2017 Liberty Flex - Left View.jpg


  • open living area

  • 9' ceilings (10' optional)

  • large master with walk in closet and exterior door

  • kitchen peninsula and pantry

  • energy- efficient appliances

  • french doors open to patio (patio size optional)

  • laundry room

  • large 2 car garage

Model Liberty I_2019.04.29_Rev.2-Web Pag
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