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Ecocast + Builders = A Housing Boom

Let's rebuild Houston and give more Texans homes they can afford! Together, we can build homes that are energy-efficient, more quickly constructed, and attractive to those searching for a home under $200K. You can save time and money by partnering with us to build your foundation, walls, and roof--the shell of the home. We have shell models ready for you to use. You can design the interior space as you wish. 

How It Works:

1. Choose one of our shell models. Option examples shown are the Liberty King and the Sterling  Shell (see below).

2. Give us the specifications and panel locations so we can blank spaces for the windows and doors

3. After the soil study, we will pour the foundation, precast the panels, and build the shell of the house.

4. Then, your crew completes the project by providing the building systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and finishes.


We invite contractors and developers to contact us to discuss how we can construct concrete shells for your projects, and reduce your construction time and lower your construction costs.


The Sterling

Habitable Area:  1208 SF

House Length: 55'11"

Main Floor Width: 24'6"

Carport Length: 20'

Total Width: 34'9"

(representative but not to scale)

Sterling S_2019.05.03-Web

The Liberty King

Habitable Area: 1617 SF 

House Length: 59'9"

Main Floor Width: 30'-0"

Garage Length: 20"

Total Length: 71'3"

(representative but not to scale)

Liberty King S_2019.05.03-Web Page_edite


The Right Home at the Right Price Right Now!

Our precast concrete homes are the right homes for the Houston area because they are safer than wood-frame homes during storms and high winds, and they can maintain a comfortable environment economically.

Our precast concrete homes are the right price for the Houston area because our efficient concrete panel manufacturing process allows us to build faster and at lower cost than traditional wood-frame construction. Part of our mission is to create affordable housing for the $200K-$300K market as builders, and as partners with other builders, developers, and agencies. There is no doubt about the need for affordable housing for the lower market, as evidenced by the recent Texas Housing Insight report published by the Texas A&M Real Estate Center:

Market imbalances were pronounced for homes under $200,000, which had the largest declines in both sales and inventory levels. The housing shortage continued to push up prices and further strain housing affordability. . .The housing supply increased in every price cohort except for homes under $200,000, where the MOI fell to 3.0 months. The bottom two price cohorts ($0-$199,999 and $200,000-$299,999) remained the most constricted, illustrating homebuilders’ prioritization of the higher-end market to combat increasing input costs.

Technical Report 2120, Real Estate Center, Texas A&M, May 30, 2017

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Our precast concrete homes can be built right now in the Houston area, And, our forms are ready to pour concrete panels for your project now.

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