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Learn About Precast Concrete

The Superiority of Concrete as a Building Material

The two videos in this section demonstrate the value of a concrete home, especially for areas with hurricanes and tornadoes.

Precast Concrete Wall Test

Precast concrete wall panel performed best in this simulated storm debris penetration test. 

Benefits of Concrete Homes

Short video about the comfort, safety, and efficiency of concrete homes produced the The Concrete Network, United States.


Concrete for Residential Design

Reasons concrete is ideal choice for homeowners, designers, and builders produced by the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand.

Precast Concrete Home Construction Around the World

Below are sample videos of precast home construction around the world to show the flexibility of design and the efficiency of using precast concrete panels. Ecocast Homes is not affiliated with any of these builders, and the methods depicted are not intended to be representative of Ecocast Home's exact methods, though there are similarities. 


Time-lapse of 8-week construction of concrete home in Australia using precast panels.


Ecocast Homes can build one of our pre-designed homes within 60 days.

United Kingdom

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) of a housing development using precast concrete panels by a company in the UK.


Ecocast Homes has contemporary and traditional home designs adaptable for single-family or multi-family residences as well as single- and multi-level units. Our precast efficiency is ideal for swift and profitable residential development. We are poised to provide the precast concrete panels for low volume builders and large developers.

New Zealand

Light weight precast concrete panels used specifically for residential construction in New Zealand.


The production and construction process of Ecocast Homes is very similar to that depicted in this video. 


NetZero energy precast concrete project for Habitat for Humanity Edmonton, Canada.


Ecocast Homes using spray-foam insulation after building the concrete shell instead of sandwich panels. We welcome inquiries from green partners to construct the energy-efficient homes for the Houston area. Home affordability is part of our mission for the residents of Houston and Southeast Texas.


Precast concrete panel production process explained. Includes building of three-story home.


Ecocast Homes produces precast concrete panels and trucks them to the building site. We can also produce modules consisting of the floor, ceiling, and wall panels. Modules are adjoined to each other at the building site.

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